Pregnancy, infancy and childhood are times for us to cherish, but they are also periods during which our bodies are placed under a lot of stress.

We all understand the ordeal that childbirth can be for a mother, but often we don’t realize the trauma placed upon a baby. Violent contractions of the uterus squeeze the baby through the birth canal, sometimes with assistance from a pair of hands or instruments.  This process can injure muscles, nerves and the developing joints of the spine which may cause areas of irritation, pain and distortion to the cranium. These problems may be linked to colic, disturbed sleeping pattern, inability to breast feed properly and more. Cañon Chiropractor has extensive training and experience in very gentle pediatric techniques. Give your little ones a balanced start to life.

As children grow, they learn to walk and play they are prone to slips, falls and tumbles. It is often believed that child hood accidents affect the problems we experience as adults, “as the twig is bent, so does the tree grow”. By maintain proper spinal alignment children are able to grow and develop without nerve interference. Chiropractic care in growing children has been proven to minimize ear infections, reduce ADHD symptomology and help with urinary and bowl incontinence.


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