Chiropractic is great for maintain movement! Promoting movement into degenerating joints can produce terrific results for the aging population and improve their quality of life. Obviously the types of treatments and corrective forces have to be modified to suit elderly individuals.

Imbalance in spinal and pelvic structures will speed up joint wear and tear. It is similar to if your car had poor wheel alignment, the tires would wear unevenly and breakdown quickly.

People often talk about wear and tear of the joints. This can also be called arthritis, osteoarthritis, spondylosis, degeneration or degenerative joint disease. There are many forms of arthritis and it can affect people of all ages.

The most common form is osteoarthritis, which is inflammation and degeneration of the joints. While we cannot reverse most of this damage, chiropractic adjustments will balance spinal alignment, slowing down further damage and promote proper biomechanics in the spine and supporting structures.

If X-rays are required, Cañon Chiropractic is located near Saint Thomas Moore Hospital. Dr. Oquist will go through your images in detail and treat any areas of poor alignment causing spinal degeneration or arthritis.


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