Sports injuries are often problems that arise when increased functional demands are applied to a joint or body part that is not functioning properly in the first place. These might include spinal or pelvic misalignment, muscle imbalance and poor posture to mention just a few.

Examples of sports injuries are: Pulled muscles, tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, rotator cuff tendonitis, cartilage dysfunction and tearing and repetitive train injury. Dr. Oquist can help you recover quicker, with less pain and with minimal resultant dysfunction. More importantly he can uncover underlying dysfunction, and by correcting it, help prevent your problem from recurring in the future.

Many sportsmen simply wish to maintain their good health with regular chiropractic treatments. Through chiropractic care many injuries can be prevented from ever occurring. Athletes of all levels and ages benefit from keeping their spine aligned and maintaining skeletal balance.

Every professional sports teams utilize a Chiropractor as part of their medical team and Dr. Seth Oquist at Cañon Chiropractic has worked with professional and college athletes.


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